I.T. Forensic

I.T. Forensic
In the age of digitalization, information processing becomes the key of every business’ operation. With the increased of reliance on electronic information, computer forensic is essential for every corporate. It does not only apply during a crime investigation but also for understanding the potential threats and to react and mitigate any security risks.

Ringus understands the importance of how forensic technology contributes to the I.T environment of your business. We believe I.T. forensic investigation is a reverse engineering of any hackers’ trace and Ringus provides analytical techniques and advisory to avoid incidents to repeat, hence, to continue and enhance overall security standard.

Network Investigation
Network investigation deals with volatile and dynamic information. By monitoring and analyzing the network traffic and events to gather information, legal evidence and execute intrusion detection for malicious activity or policy violations.

The scope may focus on different areas including:
  • Monitor for anomalous traffic
  • Identify intrusions
  • Analyze captured network traffic
  • Discover source of security attacks or other problem incidents

  • Data Recovery
    Ringus provides data recovery service to recover lost, inaccessible, corrupted, damaged or formatted data as we understand data theft exist and data may be physically or logically damaged. Our data recovery process follows the international standard and industrial practices in order to give our client confidence in data integrity and accuracy.

    Our scope of data recovery includes:
  • Obtain forensic images from file systems and data storage devices
  • Software-level solutions on corrupt partitions and file systems
  • Recover lost, deleted, and formatted data

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