GDPR Consultation Service

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes to effective on 25-May-2018. Data subject’s right is assured under this regulation with the enforcement of personal data security controls and organization’s commitment. Hence, for organization to demonstrate the alignment to the GDPR, various implementations are required.

GDPR Implementation and Consultation Program

Ringus provides consultation and advisory to assist organization fulfill the requirement of the GDPR. Our comprehensive consultation scope is as below:

  • Gap Analysis with Implementation Advisory
  • Web Application and System Usage Review
  • Data Flow Identification
  • Privacy Policies and Related Documentations Drawing
  • Privacy Impact Assessment

    BS10012: Personal Information Management System (PIMS)

    For company that is looking for certification related to personal information handling, BS10012 is your choice. By achieving this certification, organization is able to demonstrate your commitment and implementation in securing personal data and protecting data subject’s right.

    Ringus provides certification consultation on BS10012 as to assist company to accomplish the goal. Our scope includes the followings:

  • Setting up the PIMS Framework
  • Documentation Drawing and Data Flow Identification
  • Privacy Impact Assessment and Internal Audit
  • Implementation Advisory
  • Certification Walk-Through and Drill

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