Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

With the widely publicized media coverage over the recent heroic hacking associations, the disclosure of sensitive information no longer only affects people worldwide, but nations to nations. Bearing in mind the victims associated, though expected to be at the highest end of security level, demonstrates such an impact upon a hacking attack, many business owners and governments are reconsidering their information security.

Ringus Solution now provides Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test to our clients. With this service, our professional service team is joint together with our technical team, which is consisting of penetration testing veterans, is able to provide our clients with the full picture of their defensive level at different scenarios and all-round review in the security posture of their infrastructure. We offer both internal and external scanning on all types of targets in different scope sizes. With the assistance of multiple tools and manual scripting, our experts customize and simulate intrusions to the targets, identifying security flaws in the network, servers, applications and system as well as providing our clients practical solutions and advisories

The scope may focus on many different areas including:

Network Security (Internal and External)
  • Network Security (Internal and External)
  • Infrastructure Security
  • System Security
  • Operating System Security
  • Access Security
  • Endpoint Security

  • Performing:
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Network & System Infrastructure Review
  • Security Risk Analysis

  • To provide our client a risk assessment report with technical recommendations, giving a solid understanding of the existing environment against different hacking methodologies.

    Vulnerability Assessment VS Penetration Test
    Points of Difference    Vulnerability Assessment    Penetration Test
    • Passive
    • List oriented
    • Identical Scan
    • Aggressive
    • Goal oriented
    • Tailor-made
    • Automated Scanning with Manual Validation and Data Analysis by experienced security expert
    • Manual Intrusion with wide range of Hacking Methodologies by professional security team
    • Identify security vulnerabilities
    • Determine if the vulnerabilities could be exploited by attacker
    Type of Reports
    • Prioritized list of vulnerabilities
    • Specific information about the vulnerabilities exploited
    Time Taken
    • Days
    • Weeks

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    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test