I.T. Consultation Case
An international firm that provides land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and environmental consulting services.

Size 600+ Employees
Services I.T. Audit and follow-up services
Challenge Major turnover in I.T. department. Room for improvement in policies, procedures and guidelines for IT governance and internal controls. Projects delayed. Highly concern on data security. Many outsourcing vendors for different I.T. services.
Results Identified network security vulnerabilities and provided technical recommendations. Evaluated and commenced internal and external controls security devices. Assess ongoing projects including Document Management System and Workflow System to provide project management’s consultation advisory, including project progress, budget, and timeframe.
Follow - up Diminish existing security holes. Establish I.T. handbook containing I.T. policies and guidelines for I.T. governance and internal controls. Provide ongoing professional I.T. consultancy services and advisory.

In this case, our client is an international firm with over 600 employees distributed in Asia. With the recent highly active I.T. job market, our client has been reviewing their I.T. governance and has urged us to secure their company’s productivity in case of any turnovers. Our customized scope targets not only on I.T. policies and guidelines, we have also targeted on internal and external network monitoring, budget planning and I.T. project management.

Through a series of interviews and onsite visits, our audit team together with our technical specialists issued a technical report on our findings with both short-term and long-term solutions on higher priority issues, such as network security. Our client was able to imply our short term solutions as a precaution immediately.

Furthermore, acknowledging the operation and positioning of their I.T. department, an I.T. handbook was constructed containing I.T. policies, guidelines and standards, including:
  • I.T. Management Policies (including Jobs Functions and Segregation of Duties)
  • I.T. Security Policies
  • End User Guidelines
  • Vendor Management and Outsourcing Guidelines, etc.

  • Follow-Up
    After our assessment and in-depth analysis of the operation procedures, Ringus provides a customized quarterly I.T. audit package including continuous consultations and ongoing I.T. assessments.

    Moreover, as an independent I.T. consultancy, our team evaluated the costs of I.T. projects with the ever-changing market prices and provided a budget report evaluation.

    A management report concerning all the related I.T. issues was produced in a way that the management of our client can easily understand the content. Then they can based on the report and make appropriate decisions to improve the situations.

    On the other hand, a customized I.T handbook containing policies and guidelines was established in order to help our client to achieve a result of better utilizing resources, securing data and network in compliance with I.T. governance.

    Our client was also provided with a budget report evaluation that revealed the costs of I.T. project in comparison of current market prices for their management proceedings on ROI analysis.

    I.T. Audit and Assessment
    I.T. Consultation
    ISO 27001 Consultation
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test