One Stop Solution Case
A multinational financial institute with head office in Hong Kong, providing professional financial services worldwide.

Size 200+ Employees
Services System development, I.T. audit, consultation, support services and development services.
Challenge Many overseas offices with different mission critical trading systems. Such systems have to be in compliance with different regulatory in different countries. Some offices without I.T. personnel or I.T. team.
Results Centralization of I.T. management of all overseas offices to Hong Kong head office. Workflow Management System implemented for global use. Document Management System implemented for systematic storage of electronic resources. Establish Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan.
Follow - up Remote support services in overseas with I.T. management. Customized applications development services. On-going I.T. Audit.

To begin with, our client is a multinational finance house with over 200 employees distributed worldwide. As a global financial institute, our client globally runs over 6 different real-time trading systems at any one time. These mission critical systems run non-stop 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Our challenge, is not only to mitigate system down time and maintain a healthy network, but also to run regular I.T. audit checks in compliance with different regulatory in different countries and reinforce data security. Any incidental failure may cause our client a direct money loss impact.

Our client has the head office in Hong Kong and limited resources for I.T. personnel for oversea branches. Our role is to centralize their I.T. management in Hong Kong and introduce systematic I.T. governance throughout to all oversea branches.

Throughout the process of I.T. Audit, our team has grasped the business goals and directions of our client on the fast expansions of businesses on overseas branches. An introduction of policies and guidelines was brought in order to centralize the monitoring and controls in coping for the new and further expansions of systems and network.

With the recent majorly publicized data leakage issues raised by the media, our client was highly concern and alerted. As one of the higher priority items, our audit team together with our technical professionals reviewed the existing infrastructure and network and ran a series of penetration tests in order to mitigate the possibility of data leakage.

A final management report was issued to our client upon our findings. Some highlights include findings on security precautions, firewall rules, I.T. procedures and handling along with specific recommendations such as an introduction of different policies, Document and Workflow Management System, Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan.

Based on the in-depth study and findings of the operation procedures, Ringus provides a customized on-going I.T. audit package including continuous consultations and support for local and overseas offices. Monthly management report is issued to our client in order to allow our client to be updated on the performance and progress of their I.T. development.

Other than the on-going audit package, Ringus also provided project management services for the implementations of Document and Workflow Management System. The system was implemented for global use and is centralized in the Hong Kong head office.

Ringus also provides other solutions such as applications customization development services, online trading systems and hosting, company websites development and hosting, etc.

Even with the fast expansion growth of our client’s business both onshore and offshore, our client was able to benefit from the different implementations of policies, guidelines and systems all centralized in Hong Kong. Our team continues to work closely with our client, providing the best technical implementations and advisory in coping with our client’s business goals.

I.T. Audit and Assessment
I.T. Consultation
ISO 27001 Consultation
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test