The best is to anticipate the worst, and strive for 
resources justification and cost effective balance in between.

Our Services
Ringus provides one-stop IT security solution. We provide implementation advisory in rolling-out ISO standard framework; evaluate the IT environment through discovery, testing and exploitation; and, all-rounded security services from training, compliance audit to investigation.

01- ISO Consultation
Ringus offers comprehensive ISO Consultation services for our clients. Our work includes gap analysis, scope identification, policies drawing, workshops, implementation and internal audit.
02 - Technical Assessment
Ringus provides professional technical evaluation which involves a combination of manual tasks and tool executions, and from network environment to application to review an organization’s IT environment.
03 - Cybersecurity Audit
IT security audit provides an overall understanding of an organization’s IT on current and anticipated environment. Besides reviewing the security controls of protecting an organization information asset, IT governance is also a major topic that will be covered in the audit and assessment.
04 - Other Cybersecurity Services
Ringus provides a wide-range of IT security services in different aspect as to facilitate organization to develop a healthy IT environment and align with business objectives. 

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